David Cushway (AHRC BGP PhD, University of Sunderland )

Expanding Ceramic Practice in the 21st Century
  • Through the use of new media, installation, performance and alternative sites for exhibition, can the discourse of ceramics or clay use be expanded outside of the traditional formats and theories?
  • How will the temporal and transient nature of installation and a non-reliance on 'the ceramic object' allied with a use of unfired clay develop the discourse surrounding ceramics, particularly in relation to the contemporary dialogue regarding craft in transition?
  • How can the use of new media, such as film and video, extend the perception of ceramics both as practice using, clay both fired and unfired, as a medium for making art?
  • To question how and where such work that does not fit traditional formats of ceramics can be exhibited, performed or located and what critique can be brought to it

Research conference presentation (1MB Powerpoint)

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