Adinda Van 'T Klooster (AHRC CRUMB PhD, University of Sunderland)

From biosignals to light art in the Emotion Light

Adinda van 't Klooster is an artist who works with sound, light, installation, animation, sculpture, electronics and computer generated performance. She creates multi-sensory experiences in often site-specific and collaborative contexts. She is currently completing an AHRC funded practice-based PhD at CRUMB, University of Sunderland.

In her latest interfaces, not the conscious mind but physiological responses steer the output. This way she externalises information related to the body which does not normally visually affect the environment and creates a new loop of interactions between self and environment.

During her presentation Adinda will be talking about her exhibit the 'Emotion Light'. This sculptural light in the shape of a uterus uses biofeedback technology to visualize the holder's emotional state in changing light patterns emerging from the shape.

To achieve this, physiological data like GSR (galvanic skin response), heart rate and movement are tracked and translated via code into changing light patterns. Stylized into a quirky portable object, this artwork provides an introspective experience that is embodied but can also be observed by others in the space. A faster heartbeat reflects in a faster pulsing light and a higher level or arousal translates into warmer colours with the maximum set at red, and lower arousal translates into blue and green hues. This artwork avoids the explicitly medical or therapeutic uses of biofeedback technology to explore the less literal relationships between sound, colour and bodily response.

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